Q-switch Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal | Carbon Peeling | Skin Blemishes Removal &Rejuvenation

  • 1 hour
  • Starting from £80
  • The Churchyard

Service Description

Q-Switch laser tattoo removal is one of the most innovative methods to get rid of unwanted tattoos from the skin. It allows to completely forget even about large and colourful tattoos and does not leave any scars on the skin. Hence it is successfully used for removal of any kinds of tattoos, discolourations and permanent makeup. Major advantaged of Q-Switch Unique precision The power of Q-Switch laser is in its precise action. Nanosecond light impulse of great strength gets to the deepest parts of the skin where it splits particles of the pigment. Energy of the beam is directed in ink only what prevents other tissues from damage. In this way discolourations and tattoos may be efficiently and safety eliminated. Comprehensive use Q-Switch is known not only as a laser method for tattoos removal; it is also perfect solution to many different problems and imperfections. It is excellent for discolouration removal in various body areas. It is often used as a solution for broken vessels or unsuccessful permanent make up. Laser causes the split of ink particles which are then removed from the organism. The controlled micro damages, which gradually help to get rid of unwanted tattoo, are created. Day after day pigment weakens and in turn the tattoo disappears from the skin. Price of tattoo removal with Q-Switch at Permanent Beauty starts from only £30 How many sessions are needed to get rid of unwanted tattoo? The number of recommended sessions depends on quality and depth of tattoo and pigment used. In case of black tattoos it usually takes 6-8 sessions whereas in case of multicolour tattoos more procedures may be necessary. Contraindications: • tanned skin (active suntan), acquired in last 2 weeks or in case of solarium in 30 days, • albinism, • skin inflammation, • skin infections, • cancer, • keloids in the treated area, tendency for keloids, • psoriasis (active phase), • epilepsy, • light hypersensitivity, • renal insufficiency, • light sensitising drugs: isotretinoin (in last 3-6 months), tretinoin (in last 2 weeks), anti-depressants, • herbs: m.in. St John’s wort, calendula, camomile, horsetail, • alcohol use (24h ), • blood coagulation disorders, use of blood-thinning agents, • pregnancy, breast feeding, • diabetes.

Cancellation Policy

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