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Anti-Wrinkle Consultation & Treatment

Anti-ageing injectable treatment

  • 30 minutes
  • 130 British pounds
  • PBA - Permanent Beauty Aesthetics Ltd.

Service Description

Anti–wrinkle injections are a muscle relaxant injections of natural toxin with very strong effects, which hinders the release of acetylcholine – neurotransmitter responsible for transmitting impulses between nerves and muscles. Thus acts by blocking connections between nerve ends and the muscles innervated by them, i.e. it blocks so-called nerve-muscle synapses. Contractions of the relaxed muscle do not take place then. Anti–wrinkle injections are equally effective in case of men and women. Removal of expression lines requires very low concentrations of the botulinum toxin, which do not impact other elements of the nervous system apart from the area where the injection is administered. What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections? ✦ Dramatically reduces visible signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles ✦ You will look refreshed, younger and more vibrant ✦ Enhance your natural look ✦ Rejuvenated skin ✦ Speedy results ✦ No downtime ✦ Non- invasive procedure Is this a painful treatment? A small pin-prick sensation can be felt with each injection, but with the needles being so small pain is usually minimal. You will be surprised at how quick and easy the treatment is. When does the effect appear and how long does it last? The effect appears after approximately 7 days and maintains for app. 3-5 months. Then, the treatment should be repeated. Therapy schedule Treatments may be repeated every 4-6 months, but not more often than every 3 months. It is one of the treatments which patients willingly repeat, as it provides very quick and lasting effects, noticed by everyone around, and at the same time it is a non-invasive and easy to perform treatment. Contraindications: ✦ Neuromuscular transmission disorders (miastenia gravis, Lambert Eaton syndrome); ✦ Therapy with the following medicines: ✦ Aminoglycosides (streptomycin, gentamycin, amikacin, kanamycin, etc.) ✦ Aminoquinoline (chloroquine, hydroxycholoroquine) ✦ D-penicillamine (Cuprenil) ✦ Cyclosporine ✦ Tubocurarine, pancuronium, galamine ✦ Succinylcholine ✦ Lincomycin, tetracycline, polymyxin ✦ Local skin infections ✦ Pregnancy, lactation Prices starts from £130 for one zone, each additional zone +£60

Cancellation Policy


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