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Non-ablative Laser Skin Rejuvenation, collagen induction, skin brightening, blemishes reduction

  • 1 hour
  • 180 British pounds
  • PBA - Permanent Beauty Aesthetics Ltd.

Service Description

Collagenlase(r)+ is a new non-ablative skin resurfacing treatment made possible by the combination of PICO-TECH LASER SKIN CARE SYSTEM and a special honeycomb fractional lens. Laser skin resurfacing/rejuvenation with the use of the fractional Honeycomb lens is a proposal for people who need a wise skin remodelling, they also realise that rejuvenation is a complex and complicated process that requires a lot of effort and wisely selected techniques. This treatment rejuvenates tired, dull skin and increases the level of collagen in the dermis, which reduces fine lines and improves skin tone and texture, leaving it glowing. Collagenlase(r)+ treatment induces a natural skin healing process and stimulates the neocollagenesis in the dermis. The collagen and elastin production contribute to a smoother, even skin and blemishes are faded. Who will benefit most from the Collagenlase(r)+ treatment? People whose: ► Skin need a regeneration ► Dull, tired looking skin with fine lines/wrinkles ► Mature skin with inflexibility ► Skin with enlarged pores ► Skin with discolouration Treat Pico-Tech Collagenlase(r)+ skin rejuvenation treatments as a smart anti-wrinkle prophylaxis, let them become part of your rutine skin care, like regular makeup removal. Do them once every 3 months and enjoy the effect of beautiful, healthy looking skin. Effects after the laser rejuvenation treatment Collagenlase(r)+ ► Skin tone improvement, ► Reduction of discolouration (sun damaged skin, Melasma, age spots etc.) ► Skin texture improvement, ► Rejuvenation, ► Non-surgical lifting effect, ► Refreshing and revitalising. Collagenlase(r)+ treatment is generally considered as a pleasant skin care treatment that should be repeated usually every 3 months to help keep the skin in peak condition. Depending on the skin condition, treatments may be performed more frequently. The number and frequency of treatments is determined individually during the consultation. Contraindications: - Use of photosensitising drugs and herbs, - Skin infections, - Fresh tan, - Tendency to keloids, - Active viral and bacterial inflammation, - Antibiotic therapy, steroid therapy, - Pregnancy. The treatment is not complicated but very effective and safe. After the treatment, slight reddening of the skin may persist for up to several hours, NO DOWNTIME period.

Cancellation Policy


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