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Nucleofill - Polynucleotides

Lifting at cellular level

  • 1 hour
  • 180 British pounds
  • PBA - Permanent Beauty Aesthetics Ltd.

Service Description

NUCLEOFILL IS A BIO-STIMULATOR FOR DEEP RENEWAL AND BIO-REGENERATION OF TRI-DIRECTIONAL SKIN OPERATING MECHANISMS It is a bio-stimulator for deep skin renewal and bio-reconstruction with a three-way mechanism of action. This innovative treatment works on three levels: lifting, antioxidation and hydration. It is a unique, triple action at the cellular level that gives the effect of a clear and long-lasting rejuvenation. This scientifically proven skin bio-stimulation method contains polynucleotides that stimulate the skin to rebuild using a three-way mechanism. ✔︎ The first course of action is on fibroblast receptors in the skin. Thanks to such stimulation, they transform into myofibroblasts. The process of the production of type I collagen and elastin is stimulated, which causes the skin to thicken and lift. ✔︎ The second mechanism is the "scavenging" of free radicals and antioxidant activity. ✔︎ The third - Polynucleotides bind water and provide long-lasting iso-osmotic hydration to the extracellular matrix. As a result, the skin becomes moisturised and supple. What does it mean? Your skin will be introduced to the biostimulation process, thanks to which it will start to regenerate, thicken and firm. Additional antioxidant and moisturizing effects will make you notice a clear rejuvenation of the skin, which at the same time becomes radiant and the symptoms of oxidative stress disappear. The skin tone will improve and fine wrinkles will be shallowed. The effect will be exactly what you expect - clear but natural, without changing your facial features. Who is it for? Due to the variety of treatment protocols, the Nucleofill treatment can be performed on everyone - regardless of age and skin type. It can be used as a prophylaxis and as a "repair" and anti-aging treatment. Indications: - hypoxic skin - skin exposed to oxidative stress - dehydrated skin - stretch marks and scars - photoaging - loss of firmness - wrinkles Contraindications - pregnancy - herpes - breast-feeding - active autoimmune diseases What does the procedure look like? Your aesthetician will introduce the Nucleofill by injection (i.e., needle or cannula) at several points. The treatment is not painful, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. After the treatment, you can easily return to your daily activities, but you may experience a slight swelling or bruise. In order to obtain the best results, Nucleofill is performed in a series of 4 treatments

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