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The New Best Kept Secret To Younger Looking Skin!

  • 1 hour
  • Starting from £100
  • PBA - Permanent Beauty Aesthetics Ltd.

Service Description

The SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion maximises penetration of clinically approved ingredients and cell nutrients and maximises the release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously. Benefits of Microinfusion: ➤ Micro-injury of the skin reboots cellular function ➤ Normalises the keratinocytes and sebaceous glands ➤ Trigger the wound healing cascade to stimulate keratinocytes and fibroblasts ➤ Upregulation of woven collagen, elastin and GAGs ➤ Stimulates growth factors and cytokines ➤ Activates platelets ➤ Promotes cross-talk between keratinocytes and melanocytes leads to better distribution of pigment ➤ Increases delivery of ingredients How Does It Work? Using a patented nano technology and technique to deliver a specific dilution of botulinum toxin which also can be mixed with a bespoke meso therapeutic cocktail for truly personalised treatments, to areas of the face that cannot be treated with conventional techniques. While still allowing full movement of the muscle this treatment nourishes and relaxes the skin to give a smooth elevated look. Advantages of SKIN-TOX® treatment ➤ Reduce fine line and wrinkles ➤ Relax crow’s feet ➤ Smooth skin under the eyes and around the mouth ➤ Improves appearance of skin pores ➤ Gives oily skin the boost ➤ Reduces sweating of the hands and feet ➤ Deals with the signs of ageing on the back of hands, neck and chest area The SKIN-TOX Microinfusion is ideal for both face and hair treatments. Custom solutions can include hair restoration products, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, mesotherapy cocktails, low percentage peels, AHA, BHA and skin boosters. • Stimulates collagen production • Helps normalise melanogenesis • Rejuvenates at a cellular level • Triggers cell communication • Improves nutrients and oxygen to the tissue • Improves fine lines and wrinkles • Improves poor texture • Improves enlarged pores • Controls oil production • Increase cell turnover • Strengthens barrier function • Brightens and hydrates • Suitable for all skin types • No downtime • Personalised cocktail Treatment Areas: • Face • Neck • Chest • Hands • Feet

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  • PBA - Permanent Beauty Aesthetics Ltd.


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